SA Hell Betty Barreled Actions - Ready to Ship


We have a few SA Hell Betty barreled actions ready to ship or very close to ready to ship.  Chamberings will vary and lengths will vary.  Call for real time inventory...  We plan on having a few other chamberings coming soon.  All barreled actions have been hand fit to the action/bolt.

Add a Grayboe Outlander or KRG Bravo stock or Chassis for an additional $350...  Add a complete bottom metal kit - Hawkins Orbendorf with Wyatt's cut mag box ($300) or M5 DBM trigger guard with mag for $250.  Call for details.  

In the notes to seller - include which Barreled Action you'd like...  Chambering, finish length, ect.

Call for real time inventory

RH Hell Betty - .260 Rem, 22" 8 twist, #3 McGowen 

RH Hell Betty 6.5 Creed , 22", 8 twist, #3 McGowen

RH Hell Betty 6.5 Creedmoor, 22" 8 twist #1 or #3 Preferred

RH Hell Betty 6 GT, 28", 7 twist, MTU McGowen

RH Hell Betty 6.5 Creed, 8 twist MTU McGowen

Muzzle Threads are an additional $100

Different chamberings are in process and not cut to finish length...  Give us a call for more details.