RHB Custom Action



We are now offering Defiance private labeled RHB action/bolts. Our Hell Betty is a Defiance Tenacity action and renamed as the RHB "Hell Betty" action/bolt. To keep it simple it's basically a Defiance Tenacity with the RHB name on it. We plan on offering the Rebel and the Deviant actions private labeled as well in the future and can custom order those at any time. 

We will be allocated (15) actions per month and will use the time stamp rule for determining who receives the first (15). We anticipate the first wave of Hell Betty actions on our bench in 12 weeks.

The first run of the Hell Betty actions will be a mix of .223 bolt face; standard and mag on short actions. The second wave will be the same just in long actions. To be upfront I am not exactly sure what Defiance will be sending but we will be receiving 15 actions every month. The long action Hell Betty will have a slight bump in price - $50 (something like that). Defiance charges more for the long actions. But to my understanding the .223; .308; and mag offerings only on the Tenacity line... I'm not sure if we can run the Hell Betty in a Left Hand action/bolt - yet.

The introduction price of $825 shipped; $1250 barreled action with a Wilson barrel of your choice of chamber, twist, contour and finish length. We can offer a complete rifle but because of the various options and features its hard to determine the "complete" build price. We are acepting deposits of $400 to reserve an action/bolt; barreled actions or complete build.