Quick Switch Betty (2 Barrel)


Hell Betty action with 2 Wilson prefit Barrels, one installed. Includes nut.

leave a note to seller with your preferred options:

chambering and caliber: .17-.505, we most likely have the reamer. Expect a surcharge on certain custom reamers.

Contour: #2, #4, #5 (for 9.3 mm and up) or LightVarmit

Barrel Finish Length: 16.5”-26”

20 MOA rail with integrated recoil lug

Actions can come cut to accept Hinged Floor Plate, AICS Detachable Box style or Wyatt’s extended cut (not for .223). Also RUM/PRC cuts (wider). Made to order. 

Add fluting, Cerakote, muzzle threads and other options on the Services page.

We are offering a credit of $300 for your complete Remington 700 ADL or $400 for your complete Remington 700 BDL (hinged floor plate). Credit will be manually refunded. Call or email for more details.