Greyboe - Outlander Stock


The Outlander is Grayboe's traditional hunting stock. With a straight, ambidextrous, comb and traditional swooped back pistol grip, it feels like an old friend. The Outlander is light and sleek for easy and efficient field carry. The slightly oversized fore end will accommodate up to a #5 barrel contour. All Grayboe stocks are made with the highest quality composite ingredients, specifically formulated for the purpose of accuracy, comfort and reliability for your firearm.

The Grayboe Outlander is inlet for the Hell Betty (Defiance Tenacity) with the longer ejection port and the bottom metal inlet is either the Hawkins Orbendorf BDL or M5.

Grayboe's newest iteration of their classic Outlander stock utilizes a new and improved fill that sheds the weight without sacrificing durability.  At 25-27 ounces this stock helps keep the weight down and still offers a rigid platform to use at a reasonable price.

When ordering let us know if you want a SA or LA and what color pattern you'd like.  Other color options available as well.