Blueprinted Rem Model 7 - You Pick Chambering


Blueprinted Remington Model 7 - you pick chambering and finish length.  Maybe a .358 Win...  25 Souper... .338 Federal - call for availability.

We begin the Blueprinting process with the action.  The action tenon is opened up .010" and new threads are cut concentric to bore.  The action's locking lugs and face are squared and trued to center of bore.  The bolt's lugs both front and rear are squared and trued center to bore as well as the bolt nose and face.  All work is dialed into .0001" and single point cut to less than .001" tolerances.  Once the metal work is completed the action and bolt are finished in a matte caustic blue.

The above blueprinting is much more precise than simply running a tap through the existing threads...  All metal warps during heat treat and running a tap through is only cleaning up the threads appearance - chasing threads with a tap will not make the threads concentric to bore.  To ensure the threads are concentric to bore the action's tenon needs to be opened up at least .010" and new threads will need to be cut.  Lapping the lugs and squaring the face is NOT blueprinting.  We encourage you to ask the Smith what EXACTLY they are doing for "blueprinting" services.  You might be surprised at what exactly they ARE NOT doing.
pics coming soon