.429'' caliber 1-36'' twist #5.5 heavy sporter



Very rare, .429 caliber barrels. these are the perfect bore and twist to build yourslef a 44-40, 44 special, 44 magnum, 44 S&W Russian. .444 Marlin, .444 rimless or .444 Warp.          These barrels have a 1-36'' twist rate.

this is a fairly hefty barrel. the muzzle diameter is .750; for most any build or this caliber you would be able to purchase this barrel blank, and then have your gunsmith turn it down to your needed diameter and cut it to length.

think of th options and opportunity, you could buy 1 barrel blank, and get a 20'' rifle barrel out of it, and a 6'' revolver barrel and have your cowboy rifle and revolver have the same bore diameter spec and rifiling twist.

These barrels feature a 1.200" shank, and a traditional sporter taper to a 0.750" muzzle daimeter at 26". These blanks are 27" long, made by the Wilson Arms barrel company and are button rifled.


NOTE: there is a very limited number of these available. There are only 18 of these barrels left. i will be updating this counter as time goes on.