.243/6mm Light Varmint 1-8" twist


 these 1-8 twist barrels will be the perfect match for your 6mm/.243 build weather it be as small as a 6mm PPC, on through the 6BR, 6XC, 6creed, 243 win, 243 AI, 6mm Remington, 6Rem AI, 6mm-06, and up the 6MM Mach IV.

 This 1-8 twist is great for the heavy for caliber VLD bullets that have recently become popular.


The light varmint contour has a 1.200" shank that is 3" in length, and it features a straight taper down to 0.800" at 26".

The blank is 27" in length, made by the Wilson Arms barrel company and are button rifled.