.224''/5.56mm #2 Ultra Light 1-7'' Twist


A solid choice for a .22-250, 220 swift, .222, .223, .22nosler, and many, many others.

The 1-7'' is the way to go for many of the heavy for caliber bullets, and also many of the lead free hunting bullets. This is widely considered the standard twist for the .223/5.56mm, especially in AR15's or other tactical rifles.

This barrel contour has been a long time coming, and i am very excited. I am a big fan of thin ultra light weight barrels. These barrels are a great choice for your next ultra light weight build. Available in several calibers and twist rates in the drop down menu.

these barrels are 27'' long, but we strongly recommend cutting them down to 24'' or even shorter. the Barrels are 0.565'' in diameter at 24''