About us

Who is Raggedholebarrels.net? We are Barrel Brothers LLC out of Sparks, NV. This started because of two gunsmiths who were frustrated with the lead times of quality barrels. Therefore, we decided to link up with Wilson Arms. We buy in blocks of 100+ barrels or more every month and have a wide selection of calibers, with a few contours being run currently.

We run a #2 ultra light sporter (1.200" shank tapering to .565" at 24"), #4 sporter contour (1.200" shank tapering to .685" at 26") a Light Varmint (LV) contour (1.200" shank, straight tapering to .800" at 26").  We run the #5.5 contour (1.200" tapering to .750" at 26") for the 9.3 and bigger bores.

John Bredderman - Graduate of Lassen College 2 year Gunsmithing Program with an AS in Firearms Repair as well as an AS in General Gunsmithing. John's primary focus is on long range bolt action rifles for hunting and target shooting. These rifles are built primarily on blueprinted Remington 700, Defiance Machine and Surgeon Actions, among many others. John also has a soft spot for revolvers - particularly the Colt V-spring revolvers (agent; detective special; diamondback and of course the pythons).

We might be a small shop but we are a ONE STOP SHOP!!  We can offer a barrel blank to a complete rifle build and everything in between.  Please see our products page. We look forward to competing for your business and hope you enjoy the site!