About our contours

At this time, we are offering two barrel contours, but others may be available in the future if there is enough demand.

 For now we are offering a Light Varmint, and a #4 sporter.

 Fluting will be available in both; Light Varmint and #4 sporter contour.


The light Varmint has a  industry standard, 1.200'' shank that is 3'' long. this has a straight taper down to 0.800" at 26'' finish length. This makes for exelent varmint, long range, or bench gun.

If you are looking for something a bit slimmer, and more appropriate to being carried, the #4 sporter is the barrel for you. Our #4 sporter features the same 1.200" diameter shank that is 3" long. This barrel tapers down in the traditional sporter style down to .685'' at 26". This is a excelent barrel for your hunting rifle.


If you like the look, fluting will be available in both of these contours on pretty much every caliber we offer.