#2 Ultra Light: Shank dia. 1.2” shank length 2” 5.65”@24”. Weight 2lbs 6oz

#4 Standard: shank dia. 1.2” shank length 3” 6.85”@26” weight: 3.25lbs

#5 Heavy Sporter: shank dia. 1.2” shank length 3” .750”@26” 3.75lbs. for bores 9.3mm and up.

Light Varmint: shank dia. 1.20” shank length 3” .800”@26” 4.75lbs

Light Varmint Small Shank: shank dia. 1.075” shank length 3” .800”@26” 4.75lbs.

*Fluting available in all contours.

 The #2 Ultra Lightweight is the ultimate lightweight contour for mountain hunting. When combined with fluting this contour is intended for the under 6lbs build. 

Our #4 sporter features the same 1.200" diameter shank that is 3" long. This barrel tapers down in the traditional sporter style down to .685'' at 26". This is a excelent barrel for your hunting rifle.

The #5 Heavy Sporter is our big bore contour Available in a variety of calibers from 9.3mm to .505; this is great for safari rifles and buffalo guns. 

 The Light Varmint has a industry standard, 1.200'' shank that is 3'' long. this has a straight taper down to 0.800" at 26'' finish length. This makes for exelent varmint, long range, or bench gun. 

The Light Varmint Small Shank has a shank diameter of 1.075” instead of 1.2”.