Wilson Barrels

The Wilson arms barrel company in Brantford, Connecticut.  Wilson has been making barrels for over 50+ years and makes the barrels for Cooper Rifles.  Actually Wilson Arms has owned Cooper Rifles for almost 10 years now...  We get the exact same quality barrel Cooper does...  

The Wilson Arms barrels are Select Match Grade, button rifled barrels; lapped and air gauged to .0002".  The blanks in are 27" to finish at 26" or less...  These barrels are the same quality as a Shilen Select match; Douglas XX; and even the X-caliber barrels just at a $50-$100 discount in price.  We buy in blocks of 100 to 200 barrels every month so our price with Wilson is simply passed on to the shooter.

We currently run three contours from Wilson, the first is #4 sporter contour. Our #4 sporter features a industry standard of a 1.200" diameter shank that is 3" long. This barrel tapers down in the traditional sporter style down to .685'' at 26". This is a excellent barrel for your hunting rifle.

The second contour is our #5.5 contour.  This contour is primarily for our Big Bore barrels.  Classic heavy sporter contour with an OD of .750 at 26".  

The third contour is our light varmint, long range, target barrel. The light Varmint barrel has a industry standard, 1.200'' shank that is 3'' long. this has a straight taper down to 0.800" at 26'' finish length. This makes for excellent varmint, long range, or bench gun.


Fluting will be available for any of these contours.