Savage Barrels

Current lead times 8-12 weeks. 

We have the Wilson  Pre-fit savage barrels available.  You choose contour; chamber and finish length up to 26" on the Wilson barrels

The famous savage barrel nut system, a proven way to allow easy, user level way to change the caliber of your rifle.

The Wilson barrels have (3) contours - #4; 5.5 and the Light Varmint (LV).  The #4 is a sporter barrel tapering to .685" at 26" and weighs about 2.75 lbs. as a 24" blank.  The 5.5 contour is a heavy sporter for our "big bore" collection" tapers to .750 at 26".  These weigh about 3+ lbs as a 26" Pre-fit barrel.  The last contour is our LV - a heavy straight taper to .800" at 26" and weigh about 4.5 lbs.