Hell Betty


The Hell Betty is a private labeled Defiance Tenacity with the RHB name on it...  The Hell Betty is the same as a Tenacity with an Integrated recoil lug, but the Hell Betty has deeper flutes on the bolt.

The Hell Betty options are:

Right Hand or Left Hand
Medium 28oz. Without rail 32.2oz with rail (Remington 700 SA footprint) or Long 35oz. with rail (Remington 700 LA footprint)
.390 Bolt face (.223), .480 Bolt Face (.308/6.5CM/30-06 variations), .545 Bolt Face (6.5PRC/300PRC etc. variations)

20 MOA Picatinny scope rail; Wyatt's extended length cut (except on .223); integrated recoil lug.  Will accept single stack detachable mag bottom metal.  We can offer a DBM only action as well.

Call or email for more details.