RHB Bad Betty Barreled Actions


The RHB Bad Betty Barreled Action is a Remington 700 footprint with a recessed breech. The Bad Betty is a Stainless Steel, Short or Long Action, that starts from a 416 heat treated billet, and is CNC machined in only two operations. The one piece bolt is also CNC machined from a 2″ round heat treated 4340 blank in only one operation and comes with a M16 style extractor. Each bolt is nitrided for durability and a smoother feeling action. The bolt handle is threaded 1/4-28. The oversized recoil lug adds length to the thread tenon allowing for more thread contact with the action/barrel, increasing rigidity and precision in the rifle. The Bad Betty also has a side bolt release above the stock line eliminating the need to inlet the stock for clearance on most stocks.

The RHB Bad Betty comes in Short or Long Action. The available bolt faces - .223; 308/30-06 and magnum. We offer two models - Hunter and Tactical.  We use Wilson; McGowen and Preferred Barrels to complete the barreled action.  Shooter choices the caliber; twist; chambering; finish length; ect.  There are 200+ chamberings we can offer.  Call before ordering to confirm chamberings, offerings and lead times.  

The Bad Betty "Hunter" action comes with a stainless recoil lug, complete bolt, and a two-piece 0 MOA Picatinny rail. The mag well is cut for the Wyatt’s Extended Magazine Boxes, standard length max boxes will work just the same. The overall cartridge length for the short action is 2.990″. The Bad Betty Hunter action/bolt WITH mounts weighs 26.5 oz.

The Bad Betty Tactical comes with a stainless recoil lug, complete bolt, and one piece 20 MOA Picatinny rail. The mag well is opened for a detachable magazine system and will accept single and double stack magazines. The Bad Betty Tactical weighs 29.7 oz