Remage barrel - threaded; chambered and cut to length


We offer  Wilson Remage barrels.  These barrels are  threaded; chambered; cut to length and crowned.   We offer the Wilson Remage barrels in the #4; #5.5 and Light Varmint (LV) contour. 

We can even thread the barrel to your Blueprinted Rem 700 action.  Please advise if you want a 1.0725" shank diameter.  If wanted we can also fully blueprint your action/bolt and install the barrel...  Email for more details.

When you place your order in checkout, leave a description of what chambering you would like, and finish length.  Muzzle threads, media blast and fluting is available and can be found on the Service page.  The more information in the notes the better!

You will need to also purchase a remage barrel nut if you do not allready have one, as the barrels do not come with nuts

With the Wilson barrels we take a typical #4; #5.5 or LV barrel and turn the shank down for use as a remage.  This also gives the shooter an option for your blueprinted Rem 700.  We can also offer pretty much any castle nut concept barrel including Mossberg; Ruger; ect.